Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Celebration

Today is a special day in our family. Not only is it Super Bowl Sunday but we use this day to celebrate three great boys. You can see those three boys to the left. Aren't they handsome? (The big one in the middle isn't so bad either.) These three boys all have birthdays within 26 days of each other. Considering that we all enjoy a good football game we decided that we will celebrate in a big way on the weekend of the Super Bowl. Tonight we are having Chicken Tortilla Soup, 7 Layer Dip, fresh veggies (you must have healthy stuff with all this), and a yummy homemade lemon cake. Ginny and Grandpa (or Paga as he is known to the little guy) will be coming to join us for our party. The girls are excited to serve their brother and make this a great time to celebrate their lives.

BroncoBoy is the oldest. He's probably the biggest football fan we have and runs the show right now. He was the inspiration behind the lemon cake.

LBSK (Linebacker Starter Kit) is the middle guy and is just now starting to pay a little bit of attention to football. I suspect that next year he will really be into it as that is when BroncoBoy started. (BTW, LBSK, will be getting a new blog name as he is no longer the rough a tumble little toddler he used to be. He's outgrowing that name.)

K-Head, who is really more like the LBSK used to be, is the little guy on dad's lap. He has absolutely no clue what football is or even what a birthday is. But he's enjoying all this nonetheless. I plan to blow up a few balloons for him in a while to make the day complete.

I can't write much more. I needed a mental break so I came upstairs to play with my blog. As you can see, it's unconstruction and very incomplete. I am really excited about today so I need to prep more.

Go Cardinals!!!!!

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