Saturday, June 27, 2009

No-Poo - Week. . .whatever!!!

I lost track of where I am in my journey into No (sham) Poo. All I can say is that I LOVE it!!!!! Experiment over!!! I am hooked!!! In fact, I had to travel this week a couple of times. I planned it so that I washed my hair before I left and wouldn't need to do it until I got home. I just simply want to avoid shampoo and soap for my hair all together. It's so soft and natural. I am using very little hair spray and I rarely use my hair dryer or curling iron. I am simply relishing in the natural state of my hair.

Next, venture. . .a cleanse and diet change. I am rereading "The Maker's Diet" and will begin a gentle cleanse and diet/lifestyle change over the next few weeks. After my weekend with my extended family I will be happy if I never eat non-food again. The only living food I saw all weekend was the banana that I quickly stuffed into a bag before I left home. Between the donuts and the cola (that I haven't had in ages) I am not feeling so well. Everything my daughter's and I ate this weekend was dead. I called Underdog on my way home this afternoon and asked him nicely to make a HUGE salad for us to eat for dinner. He is awesome!! It was the best thing we'd eaten all weekend.

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