Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Newest Addition - Follow up

Well life become so hectic not long after I posted my previous post that I forgot to update and tell everyone about the newest addition. That new addition has tuned out to be a troubled child. To spare you the suspense, we added a passenger van to our family. Her name is the Tryoni Express. It's a nice van. We found a company that sells passenger vans with captains chairs. We got 3 extra seats so that we carry other people along with us if it's needed. We have 3 rows in the back with two chairs each now. There is plenty of room in the middle for groceries and such. I love being to able to move to the back when I need to for discipline or spilled drinks. It's wonderful. But this child is a trouble child. I'll just list her problems.

1) Underdog allowed the Tryoni Express to roll into my father's mobile home. It shattered the windshield and took a window repair company 4 days to finally fix it. We had to leave her at my parents house all weekend and drive around in two vehicles. My parents graciously allowed us to borrow their car so we could get to a wedding we needed to be at that weekend.

2) Droopy Poo got his finger smashed in the hinge of the utility door on the van. When he got it stuck in there he fell off the running board trying to get it out. When I finally got his little finger out of there is was smashed flat and then just fell forward like it had no bone in it at all. My first thought was that the bone was literally in pieces. God in His Sovereignty was in control and only allowed the top of the finger to break in two places. And it didn't break on the growth plate. We're still waiting for the stitches to come out where the finger was cut to the bone. If we can get the swelling down I think he'll be alright. There is still a small chance he'll have to see a hand specialist but we're praying that doesn't happen.

Ok, so it's only been two bad thing that this van has done in the 4 weeks we've had. But like every other problem child, you just kind of walk on eggshells wandering what is next. We had another car that started out like this. We flooded the engine in it and had to replace it, we were rear-ended, and then ultimately the car was totalled in a car accident. I really hope this van does share the same fate.

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