Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bedrest, Week 3

Well, I am stuck on my bed again. I was doing so well that I was getting just a but more than I was before. Unfortunately, I had some spotting again last night and a bit this morning. I am disappointed. I was enjoying being able to go downstairs and eat dinner with my family. Now I have to stay upstairs and on the bed again. URGH!! I just don't do well being tied down. What's funny is that I tend to have a lazy streak. You would think this would be fun for me with nice that little sin that crops up periodically. Nope!!! I really don't like this at all. Now, that doesn't change the fact that I am still trusting God's Sovereignty in the midst of it all. He's got a plan for this baby, for me, for my family, and everything.

There is a gracious group of women at church that are collecting freezer meals for Underdog to be able to make when he's in a pinch for dinner. That is a blessing and something that is often hard for both of us to accept. So we're being humble to the place of accepting help from our church. We've never been in a church that wanted to help so much. They are simply wonderful people that exude the love of Christ everywhere they go. I am often to put to shame over my selfishness at times. And my pride!! Oh, to accept help is just not something I do well. But have allowed myself to be loved in the midst of this though. Not many people knew we were pregnant. I had only known I was pregnant for 4 weeks before all this started. We had gotten sick in the midst of that and we're pretty much going to be out for a while. By the time I returned to church it would be obvious that I was pregnant. I was a little embarrassed to be pregnant so quickly. I mean, Pinky Poo isn't even one yet (although she's next in the birthday/holiday marathon that we run this time of year.) Based on my sonogram, she would have been 9 mos when I conceived. That is young. So, there was alot of shock that we were pregnant again AND already on bedrest. Didn't we just do this? After all, I was on bedrest with Pinky Poo LAST fall about this time. So, receiving help is sooooo hard for me and these circumstances didn't help much. But God has used them to reveal a great deal of pride in my heart. Again, I marvel at the grace He has in life not to leave me as I am. Sanctification is becoming my favorite word and concept. I need alot of it.

Things are hopping with school, believe it or not. I hope to post more on the Grace Academy blog later. Let's just say that several years ago I read a book called Teaching the Trivium. I LOVED this book. I had been homeschooling for a couple of years by then and loved the concepts of Classical education that they presented in this book. But they were radical and different at times. It definitely challenged my public school mindset. Despite that, I attempted to implement these ideas in our home. I can honestly look back and remember the times that we followed their ideas as the most joyful time I had in homeschooling. So as I have discovered that I am really just burnt out with school, I have been praying for direction. This book keep coming to the forefront. So I am rereading it and remembering why I loved it so much. It was fear that drove me away from the concepts. Underdog and I are discussing the ideas together and he seems to be getting excited about school as well. Most important, we've seen through this bedrest that our children are not being challenged. They are bored and it's showing up is purposeless play, fighting, and wandering (specifically by my toddler and preschooler.) So, we're stepping it up a bit. They are liking it as well. You can tell they don't like all the "work" but they seem happier.

Bedrest has purpose beyond just healing the body. It's not always fun but if we can to the point of trusting the Father and His plan, there is often great reward. I am living that experience right now.

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