Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An update

I haven't been posting in a while. I have been doing a lot of Facebook. I got back on FB when I was on bedrest and I have been having a lot of fun with it. I think the time to begin pulling back has come. I am using far too often to bring attention to myself than I bring glory to the Father and that is truly now what I want to do.

I have always wanted to build a fun blog around our homeschool. I have a specific blog for our school but I just never seem to post on it. I am seriously considering putting some time and effort into it. It's going to require alot of organization on my part. I think I am headed there. I have been extremely convicted recently of the fact that God is a God of order. If I am created in His image, shouldn't I be practicing the discipline of order as much as I can and then seeking Him for the rest. He's shown me this through my own children. They thrive on order and structure. Since we've started school back up again, I have seen a significant change in their attitudes and behavior. They love the challenge that school brings to thier minds. I have been doing more and more to move us toward the workbox system of homeschool organization. I am in the finally stages of preparing to begin on a basic level next Monday. I am bringing some order and peace to the kitchen as well (although I am hoping that workboxes will prove to provide more time for great peace and much healthier meals in the future.) The girls and I are slowly woking toward learning some practical handicraft skills so that we can use them in the home as well. I am dying to learn how to crochet kitchen dish cloths that my grandmother makes for me. I am taking a level 2 crochet class that my family is giving me for my birthday. So there are different things in play right now to bring greater order to my home and family.

I am going to begin praying about how I might go about a school blog. One of my passions that I am discovering is being able to mentor younger moms on ways they can begin to educate at home without actually doing formal education with their children. The workboxes have opened up a whole new world to me and I am excited to share. I have always believed that God created me to be a creative person. But sometimes I get so stuck on my perfectionism that I become paralyzed. I am finally but slowly beginning to outgrow all that and finding the freedom to create learning games and tools on my own. I am learning to borrow ideas and make them work for myself instead of trying to do everything the way the original creator says you should (or I think they tell me I should. . .usually they don't.) I guess we'll see what the future holds.

One finally thought on all this. I have moved into the computer age. HA!!! I am now very techincal when it comes to my calendar. I have an iPhone (given to me when someone upgraded.) I am beginning to look at different ways I can use the computer for my children (ie: a math curriculum online for one particular child.) I am also in the beginning to stages of teaching my children to type. This is also a slow process as there are many dangers online and I am still learning all those avenues. I don't have a filter on my either one of the computers we use for school. We must get one of those. There is just so much be responsible for and that takes a long time to bring under the watchful eye of a mother/father with almost 7 children.

Speaking of almost 7 children, Baby J continues to grow very strong. I suspect she might be longer than her siblings but not by much. The last 4 babies were 21 inches long. She is a mover and a shaker. The initial shock of being pregnant has subsided but time has flown by so quickly that I am sometimes still surprised that I am already 24 weeks along. There are only 16 weeks left. They should go by fast because we have a very busy spring ahead.

* 7 birthdays between January 7th and February 14th (including grandparents)

* This is a BIG birthday year because was have a FIVE yod in the house - party planning is unde way

* My best friend from high school is coming with her husband and brand new baby to visit for a few days in March

* I am taking JB on a mother/daughter retreat sometime between the above visit and Dad's birthday

* Easter - I am making the girls dresses and skirts again this year so that will keep me busy on the weekend

* Underdog's birthday in April

* Niece due in April sometimes

* May 5th is my due date

That is alot to do in a small amount of time. We have committed to being home on the weekends and don't have something going on. We plan to plant another garden and I have a literal wardrobe of dresses to sew for Pinky Poo with material I have had in that room for ages. I need to find a way to cut back on clothing expenses because I have need a whole new wardrobe for Baby J (she's an off season baby so ALL the clothes I have for her in hand me down boxes won't fit until she's about 3 yod, assuming they last through another little girls. They've been through 2 alreadh. :) I am excited about the potential that this spring and year hold. Underdog and I are working on creating a list of goals we'd like to accomplish over the next 2 1/2 years. It should be busy.

Not much else is happening. I must sign off to go make dinner for the fam. Not sure what we're having. Have many options and they all sound good.

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