Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moving my Homeschool Blog

Now that I am blogging more often I have realized that I need to simplify some things even on my blog.  I have a school blog but I just don't have much time to blog on it.  So, I am moving all my older stuff here and will begin blogging about it here.  In fact, with our recent changes in how we homeschool, I am considering kind of a weekly journal to record this new adventure for us.  Our Journey with Textbooks is going to be a weekly spot for me now.  Not many people keep a blog centered on using textbooks.  I supposed that because they are really kind of too the point and maybe not so adventurous.  But I think there is going to be more to this so I want to write it all up - the ups and downs - everything.  Included in this, of course, will be our use of the workboxes system and how we're making them work for us in our family.  As soon as I can get my little one here and we all adjust to her arrival, my summer school planning will begin and I'll begin my school blogging.  I will also soon be including a post about what we're doing for summer.  I am trying something new with that as well.

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