Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Raising Homemakers

I am so excited to see the launch of a new website called Raising Homemakers.   This is a site for moms and daughters alike to learn the ins and outs of keeping a home for the glory of God.  Here is an excerpt from their front page.  

To fully understand the purpose of Raising Homemakers, read The Invisible Hope Chest by RH contributor Breezy Brookshire…here is an excerpt:
“As young women not yet married, we have the responsibility to become as well-rounded and useful as we can be.  Right now you probably don’t have the full care of running the home—this is an excellent opportunity to prepare yourself for the rest of your life. The more helpful skills we acquire, the more useful, the more of a blessing we will be to our future husbands and families.”
We are the women...the mothers who will be teaching and training our daughters in how to fill their invisible hope chests.
How true this is.  We must be using this time in our lives to give them the skills to full succeed at running a home.  And from my perspective, I do not desire for them to struggle as I have in learning to run my home.  I must be purposeful in teaching them as they are young to find joy in this high calling.

By the way, they are having a give away.  Go on over to check it out.

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