Monday, August 2, 2010

Our 2010-2011 Curriculum

Many moms are posting about their curriculum this year and so I thought I would jump in.  It's been mentioned before that we've made a switch to using textbooks.  I didn't realize until we started  last week that it's not fully textbooks that I had originally planned.  Nonetheless, it's turned out to the be perfect for us.

This is all that we're using for my children from age 5 to 11 yod.

11 yod

Bible - Rod & Staff 5th grade
Math - Math U See Gamma & Delta (we're behind just a little bit here)
Grammar - Rod & Staff 6th
Spelling - Rod & Staff 6th
Handwriting - Spencerian
History - Rod & Staff 7th grade
Science - Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy**
Art - Artpac 6 (Rod & Staff)

**JB is using the Notebooking Journal the Jennie Fullbright designed to go with the Astronomy book this year.  I love it because it tells her exactly what to do each week and breaks the chapters in to two weeks just as she requested.  It saved me a tone of time trying to plan and give assignments.

9 yod

Bible - Rod & Staff 5th grade
Math - Math U See Delta (we're behind just a little bit here)
Grammar - Rod & Staff 4th
Spelling - Rod & Staff 5th
Handwriting - A Reason for Handwriting E
History - Rod & Staff 5th (Fall) & 6th (Spring)***

Art - Artpac 5

***BroncoFan is my overachiever.  I use that word in a nice homeschool since.  He loves to learn and usually does alot of it on his own.  He wanted to speed through the history and science this year.

Before I move on, I should explain that although we are using textbooks, I could not bring myself to assign the chapter questions and such with these books.  I didn't even do that when I was a teacher.  At least it was rare.  I require them to read the section of their chapter and do a notebooking page (or two) each week.  They are required to answer the geography section at the end of the chapter as well as a few review questions in their science.  Besides that, I trust that what they read, they retain what they need.  It will all come back around again at a time when they will be able to retain more and do more advanced studies.

7 yod

Bible - this comes through her reading assignment in Rod & Staff
Phonics - Rod & Staff 1st & 2nd
Math - Math U See Beta (my math whiz)
Grammar - Abeka 2nd Grammar
Spelling - Rod & Staff 2nd
Handwriting - A Reason for Handwriting Book B
History - Abeka 2nd Social Studies
Science - Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany (w/ mom)
Art - Artpac 2nd

Schmoo got a late start in the reading/phonics department.  We've all been OK with that because she wasn't ready.  She's reading so well right now that we double up assignments with her phonics in order to thoroughly introduce a concept but not to linger.  She's picking it up quickly.

5 yod

Bible - this comes through the reading assignment in Rod & Staff 1st
Phonics - Rod & Staff 1st
Math - Math U See Primer & Alpha
Handwriting - A Reason for Handwriting Book K
Science - Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany (w/ mom)
Art - Artpac 1st

Pee-Pooh has been a bit reluctant to start this year.  One minute he tells me he doesn't want to do school, next minute he's excited.  Unlike I was with my 1st, I don't push. . .too hard.  This morning he didn't want to do school but we did it anyway.  I wrote some of the assignment for him.  I think it's the writing he doesn't like.  He's  typical little boy and I respect that.  It's important to both Underdog and I that he do something but I usually meet him in the middle.  If he had a choice he'd do school standing on his head.  I might just let him do it that way one day.  We use the desks in our schoolroom but I am not a stickler.

I can already see a few areas that will change after this year.  The textbook were a temporary solution to a problem.  I want to bring Tapestry of Grace back for our family next year.  I'll have more kids that will benefit from it.  I will also have two that will be of age to discuss and go deeper.   Their science will change next year as I move my two older kids into the upper level sciences that are offered out there.

For right now, this is working beautifully.  The workboxes, which I'll discuss more in another post, are getting a slow start for the preschoolers.  But things have been very messed up with mom's back bothering her and sick kids last week (the second day of school I might add.)  I am going to do into more detail about my day with my preschoolers at another point.  I want to actually have a good week of working with them before I post (which may never happen.)  It's important to me that I try to guard their day as much as a family with older kids will allow.  Plus, I am still working out a few kinks for them.

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