Monday, April 13, 2009

Health and New Diets

We are on quite a ride at our house right now. Hot Dog is have some serious problems with his skin. So far we have no true answers but it could be severe eczema or ringworm/fungus. I have pictures of what his legs looked like after I gave him some kefir. Of course, this kefir wasn't homemade but I did investigate it. There was nothing in there that should have been harmful to him. But like most dairy these days it was pasteurized.

I ended up taking him to a new chiropractor that another friend of mine was using for the same issues with her children. He gave us some supplements to begin cleaning out his gut and flushing the liver of the histamines from all the allergies. I have him taking extra doses of Limu Juice so boost immunity. Once the inflammation from the kefir went down he looks the same as before. And actually, he was looking so much better than he does now. In fact, he is now broken out on his head.

I keep wanting to ask God why but I know that isn't the right question. The right question is how can I glorify the Lord through this struggle of mine. I want to fix this for him. I don't want him to hurt anymore. It hurts momma's heart to see him suffering. I accept that suffering is part of how we grow in our faith with God. How does a 2 yod grow in the Lord though? Sure, this is meant to grow me. It's meant to grow perseverance in me and trusting in His Sovereignty. But part of me wants to ask that He would inflict ME with all the sores and achiness. I found a boil on his leg this afternoon. I immediately treated it with Thieves this afternoon and Underdog says it look better this evening (after bath.)

Here is what his legs looked like after the kefir:

The pictures actually softens the redness. It is causing me to be on my knees in prayer alot, seek wisdom, and trust the Father with his health.

With all this going on it seems that I being led in a different direction with our diet. We have always preferred to eat more vegetarian (at least that was our goal.) But this new direction I am headed is far beyond what we've known. Underdog asked this morning which one of the diet people is right. Who knows? I am now at the end of myself and simply trusting the Father to take me where I need to be. I believe that living healthfully is the right thing to do. I don't believe that you can have much moderation around diet. You can't. Modern food isn't food. It's food that has been transferred into what MAN thinks if better. Man has decided that cow's milk is better when it's run through a massive amount of processing in order to make it "safer". But is it really safe. The same thing for wheat and other grains. It's not just a coincidence that the incident of allergies and other health problems has increased since most of food began to be processed in factories. This isn't our Creator's food. Much of our food is laced with presevatives, food coloring (made with a derivative of PETROLEUM), and chemicals that our bodies cannot fully process. They weren't made to process the overload that we give them on a regular bases. Yes, our bodies our wonderful amazing creations that were designed to filter out toxins. But modern man is overloaded with toxins. Our bodies can't keep up. So they are breaking down, falling apart. I believe part of the problem now a days is that most people do not know they are sick. They assume they feel good.

At the end of my pregnancy with Joyful my midwife put me on a no carb diet. I could have no grains or starches. URGH!!! I hated that and was rather resentful about it, to my shame. Despite the fact that it was the end of my pregnancy, I was sleeping better and felt better. I probably wouldn't have noticed more if I hadn't been uncomfortable and pregnant. I believe that God opened doors to move me to that diet so that I would be familiar with it now. I was even drinking organic beef broth to try and raise my platelet count. The diet I am looking into right now is just that. Drink beef broth, eliminate grains. I have been conditions even in my search for healthy diets to includes tons of grain because you need the insoluable fiber. But I didn't die on that diet a few month ago. In fact, the fiber I did need I got from veggies and fruits.

One last component I wanted to add to this blog. I HATE CANDY!!!!! I bought some gun for my kids to put in our family Easter basket this weekend. I thought some of their heads were going to spin off today. They were hyper, grumpy, emotional, completely out of it when it came to doing school, unable to focus on much of anything, and fighting ALOT. I took the gum away. I felt horrible and apologized for even giving it to them. The gum had really nothing but artificial chemicals, food dyes, and very little of anything that we recognize as food. Not only that, but it's addicting. I think it might actually be bad for the mouth. Sure, it's "sugar free" and that might be better for cativities and such. But I think the chewing is bad for the jaw. I have a tendency toward TMJ. The more gum I chew the worse I feel and the more my jaw will lock.

I am really beening to evaluate the value of food right now. My measuring stick is whether God intended it to be food. If it's altered food or man made we're trying to stay as far away from it as possible. It's making it a challenge in the kitchen because I know very little about cooking from scratch. I am very willing to learn. If it will mean that I will get a good nights sleep and that sweet little Hot Dog won't itch anymore, then I am on it. My plan with him is to stay home for several weeks and simply eat from home. We tend to eat out after church (especially the days we teach the younger kids.) If I stay home though we won't eat. If that isn't possible, I will be working ways from us to take a lunch. That is proving to be a challenge because we are used to sandwiches. That is part of the adventure. I have spent my week getting our school VERY prepared and ahead so that I can concentrate on our diet. Study is the key. Well, that and lots of prayer. I have reached the end of me and desperately need the Lord to guide me in this. I am fearful and that sin is creating problems for me. I am ready to submit and follow my Savior where He leads me. Even is that means I must follow into even deeper water. I will trust Him. I have no choice now.

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