Monday, June 1, 2009

It's dead!!!!!!

There has been a killing in my home this weekend. It wasn't intentional but it's still dead, nonetheless. I discovered the death this morning when I walked to refrigerator to retrieve the yogurt started that I was working on. I put it on the top of the frig because heat rises and the top of the frig is always hot. I needed a warm spot to grow my little goodies. But this morning, my goodies were not there. I was stumped. Had they been moved to the oven with the light left on to generate a little warmth? Did I move it to the top of the pantry and forget that I had done that? My goodies were in neither place. Then I slowly opened the refrigerator door and low and behold, there were my goodies. . .dead. My precious and expensive yogurt starter had been murdered in my own household. <> I told Underdog he needed to start asking me questions about my science experiments in the kitchen before he acts anymore to "help" me out. He innocently thought that I had left it out on the top of the frig when we spilled the baking soda inside. He took a few things out to figure out what he had dumped over. They ended up on the top of the frig. He realized a little later that he left it all out. My goodies got mixed up in the items that needed to go back in there. Back to the drawing board.

I have had to buy my cultures off the internet because Hot Dog can't have anything dairy that has been pasteurized. He seems to be doing well with fermented raw goat's milk. He was treated last week to desensitize him to his allergies. So far, so good. He at least didn't react too much to the cookie cake he got this weekend. We'll see how the rest of the week goes. He seems to break out very badly once the offending food hits the large intestines. We should see that tomorrow. He also goes in for allergy treatments again tomorrow. I am hoping he'll address the dairy. Last time it was sugar.

I am off to grind some grain to start a sour dough and to soak some grain to make a different kind of sour dough in the mean time. We are getting desperate for mom's homemade bread but I won't make it unless I have now soaked the grains. I fully believe the phytates that were left in my bread were what were causing me so many problems. In fact, I am still very depleted of iron right now. I will start back my chlorophyll and see if I can build back my iron stores. It explains why I have been so tired lately. It wasn't getting up with Ashley that's making me tired. I am anemic still from my pregnancy.

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