Saturday, June 6, 2009

No-Poo (shampoo, that is) - Week 1, Day 1

I am starting a new experiment. I was inspired by Life in a Shoe and her adventures with no-poo. I had heard of using no-poo before and had read at time about using baking soda on your hair instead of shampoo but I could never bring myself to do it. I did try an egg on my hair once. I found out later than an egg is not really intended for my kind of hair. While I may have everything else wrong with my body, my hair is actually pretty soft and healthy (which is a shocker.) So, over at life in a shoe, I followed her through 11 weeks of no-poo. Her final post was on how to do no-poo with hard water. There is was!!! The answer!! Up until this point I have been using baking soda and then using a natural soap to wash it out. Following that I rinse with lemon juice. My hair was always really dry if I only used baking soda. Will, I figured out (following the advice from Life in Shoe) that if you put baking soda in boiling water and let it cool, it works much better. It also makes for a cool science experiment as baking soda bubbles when you pour boiling water over it. :) For tonight, I started my venture into no-poo. We'll see how it goes. My hair is wet but feels fairly soft. Wetness isn't always an indicator though. I can usually get a brush through my hair after a shower with no problem. It's the next morning that tells me if my hair will be dry or soft. The only thing I see happening is that my head itches. I did this several weeks ago when I started the baking soda and natural soap. Hopefully that is just the dry skin working it's way off and the natural oils in my head and hair starting the process of going back to normal. I am in it for at least 12 weeks though. That is my goal. I want to get to the end of summer and see if I like the changes. Perhaps I will give it longer. I figure 8 weeks is a good place to start. I am being summoned by Pinky Poo. Must go nurse.

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