Monday, June 8, 2009

Staples and Laundry on Monday

It's 3:30 in the afternoon. I am giving my 2 yod a bit more time to sleep and resting myself while I get caught up on email and reading a book (not at the same time though.) I sat down before praying this morning and made a huge LONG list of things to do today. I haven't gotten any of it done. Why? you might ask. Because my 8 yod, BroncoFan, stapled his finger this morning. That's right. He went upstairs to fetch a timer, stuck his finger under the stapler, slipped a bit and stapled his hand. I must admit, I am a bit suspecious of his story. I do suppose it 's possible that he just accidently put his finger under the stapler and then just happen to fall and accidently staple his finger. LOL!!! He did tell everyone that asked him this morning the same story so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I had to keep laughing this morning to keep from crying. I was so grossed out. I also discovered that my 6 yod, Schmootzy, is grossed out by the same things I am grossed out by. That's my girl. She cried harder over the staple in the finger than I did. I think she thought he was dying. BroncoFan eventually calmed down and thought it was kind of cool. Th doctor pulled it right out of his finger. It looked to me like it was bent so I felt like I needed to go to the doctor to get some help. Nope. He pulled that sucker right out. And the blessing. . .no tetnus shot was needed. Yea!!!! Still vaccine free.

BroncoFans timer this morning was to help them know when to switch out laundry. I gave the three oldest pups the responsibility of washing laundry today so I can concentrate of other things as I prepare for my inlaws to come and work on getting our diet switched over. I have been trying to find time to start my sourdough starter and redo my yogurt. I have paid some pretty hefty money for them to attend a couple of one day camps this week. One is a Civil War camp for BroncosFan. The other is a cookie decorating class for Schmootzy and Little Lady. They want to learn cake decorating so they can enter the Oklahoma Sugar Arts Show in October. Nobody seems to be as motivated to get to these classes though. For some reason I have been doing alot of fighting with these three to get basic work done around the house. They are old enough to start help with other things. Laundry day is no exception. I trained them in how to do laundry when they were 4, 5, and 6 yod. They are good at it and know what they are doing. What I am asking today is nothing out of the ordinary. Now that we've had the staple incident we are even further behind. I had errands to run this afternoon so I just ran them this morning and THEN took them to a park to play after our picnic (when I am out on emergercy and can make it home for lunch I go buy picnic food and we eat "out" at the park.)

Ok, I am done venting. It's time for me to get off and go do my job. The kids are hopefully cleaning up from quiet time play and getting ready to work hard. Hopefully!!

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