Thursday, June 11, 2009

No-Poo - Week 1, Day 7

Well, I am at the end of my first week of no-poo. I think I like this. I experimented with apple cider vinegar for my rinse today. I think I used too much. Every once in a while I would get a whiff of the vinegar. I am glad I wasn't out and about with too many people today. HA!!! Boiling the baking soda has proven to be key. I am glad that I learning about that on Life in Shoe. It feel so awesome on my hair. Once you pour it on, it feels just a bit "slimmy" but it's not slimmy. It just feels that way. (I know that made no sense whatsoever.) I pour on about a cup of the water that has been boiled that has boiled the baking soda d then I massage it into my hair and scalp. Then I use a special comb designed for a wet head to brush out tangles. Next, I rinse with warm water. After I have rinsed I pour my lemon juice (or ACV in this case) into my large cup and fill it with water. I pour that on and let it sit for a minute. Then I turn the water down just a bit to rinse. My hair just feel so soft. It is not as soft today since I used the vinegar. I think I have found my thing with the lemon juice. I am getting about 2 1/2 days out of this before I need to wash. That is honestly more than what I was getting from my shampoo. My head no longer itches. I think it helps that I am no longer putting the baking soda straight on my head.

I am really starting to LOVE baking soda. I buy a huge bag of it at CostCo for a little under $5. It lasts me forever. I am starting to use it for just about everything hygiene wise. I have even started to brush my teeth with it. This is so funny to me because my mom made me do this for a while and I hated it. Now I simply love how it makes my mouth feel when I am done. I use baking soda as a gentle scrub for my face (only when I shower, not everyday.) I would use it as a deodorant if I could figure out how to keep it under my arms. hehehe!! Actually, I use NOT deodorant. When I am eating right I don't need it. For the times when I do I simply apply a small amount of Thieves hand cleanser that I get through Young Living and it takes care of the odor. Not only that but it tingles when I goes on and feels so refreshing and cool.

More updates to come as I walk through this adventure.

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