Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something New!!

I have felt convicted for about 2 years now that I needed to be getting up early to spend time with the Lord and to have time to devote to my home in areas that I don't have time during the day. Now you have to understand what early means. I was already getting up at 5:30 am must mornings. So were talking early, early. Yes, I got up 4:30 am this morning. I bathed last night so I got dressed immediately. I came down stairs to make coffee (forgot last night.) When I finished with that I heard Pinky Poo so I went back upstairs to nurse her. I almost went back to sleep sitting in the dark, but I didn't! Then I started my quiet time. When I finished my quiet time, I was able to start soaking corn meal for our cornbread tonight. I drained my red beans that had been soaking since yesterday afternoon and started those in my crock pot. I also had time to check email. Ideally I would have had time to do some exercise and then work for 30 minutes on a dress I am sewing. I spent too much time praying this morning so I lost time. But it was time well spent as I lifted my family up on prayer and fought battles for them they don't even know they need to fight. I have felt so strongly that I need to be on my knees in fervent prayer for my family and for this nation. This is all new. . .but I think I might just grow to like it.

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