Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stuck in the Middle!!!!

I found out some news today that has put me smack in the middle of the the guilty party and the unsuspecting party. What a miserable place to be? I won't reveal the party so as not to give anything away. The news will eventually be shared. But honestly, why did I need to know first? What is there to say?

This news wasn't exactly good. At least not from my perspective. It was news that centered on sin but the bearer of the news would never see it like that. How do you tell people that something they are excited about is, well, sinful? I am not judging this person. I don't know their heart. But the plain and simple truth is that God's laws were broken and the consequences can't be reversed. Sure, many people would argue that simply stating that God's laws were broken is making me legalistic. How is it legalistic to obey Jesus' commands to obey Him though? And this particular area of sin is a biggie, especially for the church. The church has managed to justify this sin away so no one sees it as bad and evil. But we've broken the holy commands of a MOST HOLY GOD. This is a God who destroyed whole people groups in the Old Testament because they were evil. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Some would argue now that because of Jesus, God's judgment has changed and He's a loving God now? Some would go so far as to change the gospel and assert that God would never send anyone to hell. He's too loving. So, God wasn't loving in the Old Testament before Christ came? Jesus said that He's the Way, The Truth, and the Life and no one comes to Father but by Him. Now He's a liar? Scripture is also clear that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So to say that God is no longer a wrathful God is to again assert that God is lying in His Holy Word. Shudder the though!!!

How in the world do you talk to other people about these truths? How do you give people the gospel in the midst of conversation like this? How do you NOT come across as judgmental? I don't want to give this person a fire and brimstone message. Honestly, I just want to introduce them to the Holy and loving God that I serve. I want to show them the joy that comes in actually obeying His word. I don't obey for salvation purposes. I don't have to earn salvation. It was freely given to me through Christ. I obey because I love what He did for me. I love that He didn't decide to kill me because I was sinful in the womb. And I was. I am most thankful for the understanding I have received recently of what His grace truly means in my life. I am more and more aware of just how bad and sinful I am and just how holy He is. Without Christ, I don't stand a chance before Him. That is all I want this person and all others involved to know. I don't want to judge their souls. They say they belong to Jesus and I must believe them. But the fruit of their lives reveals that there is a misunderstanding of our Holy God and His salvation. You can't just overlook sin. He calls us to holiness and repentance. Sadly the church in many areas has missed this key point and I am fearful that there are many Christian whose God will say to them "Depart from me, I never knew you." That is the great burden of this news that I hold in secret now. The burden of lost souls. And ultimately, the burden of knowing that this message must be delivered but knowing that message will not be welcome. (I did confront a person I love with this very message and was told I am judgmental. I was also told that I am not a good Christian myself and that I need counseling. Sure doesn't make it easy nor desirous of doing it again.)

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