Sunday, August 30, 2009

Counting Blessings

While we were at church this morning, everyone kept asking what happened to Pee-Pooh's arm. He, of course, is in the full arm cast (in a lovely shade of bright green I might add) to help a borken finger heal. This led to lots of questions and telling of the same story over and over again. I finally got tired of telling the story and decided just to be brief. (Brief is hard of me. I am a lover of words. . .sometimes to my own detriment.) I ran into a couple of moms in the bathroom (right after I decided on brief) and ended up giving them a briefer version of the story. But as I was talking it occurred to me that things could have been worse than they are right now. You see, Pee-Pooh had his whole hand on the hinge to balance himself. All he needed to do was slip all four fingers into the hinge and there could have been tremendous disaster. And I thought, even in the midst of all the hardship the little 4 yod is going through, it could have been worse. And the very worst that could remain from all this is simply a deformed finger that won't close all the way. I also wandered at one point if his wife (assuming he gets married someday) will have trouble slipping the ring over his finger. If that is the very worst we have to worry about, I'll take it.

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