Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boosting Immunity

WARNING!!!!! Major Soap box!!!!!

I found the following tips at this website (They are at the bottom of my rant!!) It's wonderful advice for all time, not just during the swine flu.

It's very important to be informed not just about the Swine Flu but the vaccine as well. We can't fix or get rid of illness, folks. Disease is part of the what living in this world is about. Sin brought sickness and sometimes death into the mix. Accepting that reality doesn't mean we just sit around waiting to die though. We are told to take care of our temples. But sickness will happen regardless of taking care of your temple. The difference will be that you body is prepared to fight illness because you've filled it with healthy living foods that boost immunity and give it strength to fight. That is what God intended to immune system to do. Wasn't he gracious to give us a body that CAN fight disease? What are you doing to take care of that system?

Eating a diet that is based on the Standard American Diet (SAD) will not keep you healthy. Nor will vaccines. Vaccines are full of chemicals that can weaken the body if you aren't careful. I don't think it's coincidence (regardless of what the government agency in bed with pharmaceutical companies say) that there are so many children showing signs of autism or have full fledge autism. The numbers are beyond imagine. It's not just the dreaded MMR that seems to be causing it. Vaccines are full of mercury (yes, even thermisol is derived from mercury and shares the same compounds.) Some of the vaccines that are given are actually grown using the left over fetuses after abortions. That ought to make a few people think before giving them to their children. I have one vaccine that I get and it's only when needed: Rhogam. I would also give tetnus on a case by case basis (and have never needed it when they said we should.) These things are to be messed with though. Vaccines are something that every parent should seriously research and consider before giving them to their children. Many doctors are even starting to move to a different schedule of vaccines just simply to get the overload of toxins out of the way. It's terrible how abusive that vaccine schedule is on these little bodies. Their little bodies can't handle them and some them die in the process (or lose the compacity to think as normal children do.) Here is a page that will tell you how many shots you probably had versus how many your children will get in their first 5 years.

In the meantime, read about boosting immunity and then go eat a really good, hearty salad. Oh, and don't forget to add some good fats in the mix. You need a good cod liver oil to get those Omega 3s and possibly some flax oil (which I am allergic to so I have to settle for just cod liver oil.) Add some good organic butter to the mix as well. Eat organic, range fed, hormone and antibiotic free meats as well. Even if you have to cut down on meat a bit to get good meat, do it. It's worth the change (and you'll be able to tase the difference after a while.) Get the hydrogenated oils and highly processed vegetable oils out. Keep the cold pressed virgin olive oil as well. Very good for you!!! Oh, and if at all possible, get the sugar, dyes, and chemicals out of you and your children's diet. There is nothing worse than a body trying to fight these unnecessary items in the body while trying to fight disease as well. You body will give into one of them. You'll either hae tons of allergies and hyperactivity OR you'll just be sick. . .alot!!! Enjoy the article.


How to avoid swine flu: 8 tips to boost immunity

I watched a TV news report today on the possible swine flu pandemic and the reporter talked about a possible new flu vaccine. It never ceases to amaze me that the medical establishment always seems to come up with a new drug or vaccine to “fix” health problems.

However, the most effective approach to preventing swine flu is to supercharge your immune system and be mindful of good hygiene habits. The following are my top 8 tips for avoiding the swine flu or any flu for that matter:

1. Wash your hands often. Vigorously wash your hands with soap and warm water several times a day, especially before and after eating or touching your face, nose, mouth, or eyes.

2. Drink plenty of purified water. This means drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weight 190 lbs., you will need to drink 95 oz. of water (about 3 quarts) to keep your body hydrated. Dehydration is one of the most significant factors when it comes to impaired immunity.

3. Get adequate rest. Most people need on average 7-9 hours of restful sleep. The first few hours of sleep are the most important for the immune system. Be sure to be in bed before 11 pm to get the full benefits.

4. Exercise daily. There’s no getting around this one. Our bodies are meant to move. Getting at least 15 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise--such as walking, bicycling, or rebounding--is critical for flushing your lymph system and boosting immunity.

5. Get essential nutrients from plant-based foods. The best source of immune boosting nutrients comes from fresh fruits and vegetables. The easiest way to get 8-10 servings a day is to juice them. I also recommend whole food sources of multivitamin and multimineral supplements, a broad-spectrum antioxidant formula, and omega fatty acids (such as cod liver oil, flaxseed oil, or krill oil). A few of the most effective natural immune-boosting extracts include Echinacea, astragalus, garlic, and tea tree oil.

6. Keep your colon clean. If your digestion is weak and your colon is toxic, you could eat the best foods and still be nutrient deficient. Poor digestion and elimination can make you more vulnerable to swine flu. Consider supplementing with a high-quality probiotic supplement and a fiber supplement to keep your bowels moving.

7. Replenish your enzymes. One of the most effective ways to boost immunity is to eat more raw fruits and vegetables to replenish your enzymes. The fresher the food is, the more enzymes it will have. If necessary, consider taking digestive and/or system enzyme supplements to supercharge your immune system.

8. Mange your stress. Simply stated, stress is the way we respond to change in our lives, good or bad. Because of the effect of stress on immune response, stress increases one’s susceptibility to illness. One of the most effective and inexpensive (free) ways to minimize the effects of stress on your body/mind is to practice deep breathing. How good is your breathing? Take a free breathing test.

We are exposed to viruses, parasites, and bacteria, as well as harmful chemicals, all the time! This swine flu scare is just another reason for all of us to be more mindful of diet or lifestyle changes we might need to make in order to optimize our immunity and protect our health and vitality.

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