Thursday, October 22, 2009

Workboxes, huh?

Ok, I am new to the workboxes idea. I have seen it around and looked into it once but didn't feel like it would work for my family. That is especially true since I already have a system in play for my kids. Maybe it's that I have older kids now and I set in my ways. Nevertheless, I am seeking this idea out for my younger boys. Since we're headed in new directions with school, I need new directions for them as well. So I am still seeking this out. I am not completely sold on it but I'll keep plugging away at it. I have read many places that the book helps explain everything. Not happenin' here. There is no money. Maybe someone would loan me the book. LOL!!!

I thought of a few questions after I posted this:

1. What type of planning does school take AFTER you've implemented the work boxes in your home?

2. What type of curriculum do most people use? I don't use alot of workbooks or worksheets. The most workbooks I have are for math but they write right in these.

3. I can understand that this is supposed to possibly build independence in them. Got that. BUT what about certain areas of independence. For instance, I want my older children make their own copies for math and such. They do. That takes some of the work off me. Does that make the work boxes obsolete?

Ok, I may have more questions later. I know that no one will answer these for me as no one reads my blog. LOL! But I can still ask.


Back for more:

I could potential just do this with my preschoolers. I could also possibly include my 7 yod in this. It just seems really overwhelming to work for 5 kiddos.

Oh, another question:

How do you work this when you are pregnant, on bedrest, or just had a baby?

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