Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Workboxes, revisited

Well, I have finally decided to jump on the bandwagon with this idea. Like so many other people, we are limited by the budget so I must be creative in this. I remembered that I have an empty milk crated file box up in my closet. I had a few extra hanging files in my file cabinet and some tabs. Tomorrow I will work to make all the labels and such that I think we will need. I am going to make this for Schmoo to start using. My little boys could probably use this more than Schmoo but I only have enough for one. I am going to rethink what to do with them. My older kids work fairly independent now so they can wait a while. I want to start slowly. There isn't much money right now and I am still not 100%. I have no choice but to go slow. Regardless, I am excited to have found this idea and I am looking forward to the changes I believe it will bring to our school days.

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