Saturday, November 7, 2009

Grocery Shopping and eating healthy

I am supposed to be working on my grocery list for Underdog. I am finding it a bit discouraging this morning. We watched "Food, Inc" last night. I am even more determined to learn to cook from scratch after watching that. I pretty much knew what the movie was about but I did see things in there that were really disturbing and I didn't now. Just the treatment of those poor animals should be enough to make Christians stop and think about what they are eating. We are called to take care of the animals. The most distressing to me was how they initially kill the pigs that are to be slaughtered. It's absolutely inhumane. Even the way they kill them makes me wander if there aren't some animals coming out unconscious and then they just begin to cut them up. In other words, they are being slaughtered while still alive. It just made me mad.

I have already begun to buy alot of my food locally. I will be working over the next year to do better. There is a local farmer in the next county over that I have grown very fond of. His children are some of the most polite children I have ever met. And their products are just wonderful. I much prefer to spend my money with them than to give it to the people who care nothing for my health and safety but only about money. I will even cut my meat consumption in order to NOT give the big giants my money. You vote with your dollars. If you want healthier foods, stop buying the junk in the grocery store. And junk covers a wide range of foods including the things you might think are healthy for you. Dig deeper. The dairy and beef that you eat really aren't so healthy. Most of them are devoid of the true nutrients God intended them to have. They are also LACED with hormones and antibiotics. Ever wander why we are coming up with diseases that are resistant to antibiotics? Consider the fact that most people are putting small amount of antibiotics in their bodies every time they eat beef, poultry, or pork. Ever wander why little girls seem to be developing at faster rates in our time (like little girls starting thier cycles 2-3 earlier than they used to)? Consider that amount of hormones they give these animals in order to grow them faster and bigger. It's insane.

Our vegetation in this country isn't any better. The way they treat farmers is enough to stop eating it and demanding they grow more ethical crops. The farmers would do it if we asked them to. The amount of corn that Americans eat is insane as well. It's in EVERYTHING!!! Just ask those who are tested for food allergies and find they are allergic to corn. Finding foods to eat that don't contain corn is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I would know. At one point I had a sensitivity to corn and couldn't find much "normal" that I could eat. Of course, I am grateful that I was found to be sensitive to it. That began to change the way I ate (among other things.) I am also grateful that God allowed my body to heal and I am not longer sensitive. I still don't eat it as much. When I do it's in the form of NON-GMO (Genetically Modifed Organism) cornmeal. I will never eat anything GMO if I can help it. When you do, you're not eating real food. You are eating a food that has chemical make-up to resist PESTICIDES!!!! That would mean that there would have to be part of the PESTICIDES worked into it's genetic make up. Umm. Would you sit down and drink on a bottle of Round Up after working in the yard. But over a lifetime that is essential what you may be doing just by eating the GMO. God is our Creator. He didn't make a mistake when He created the foods that we eat. They don't need to be improved upon. If treated and handled right, milk doesn't need to be pasturized. And it's REALLY good raw. Did you know that butter is supposed to be a deep yellow? Did you also know that most dairies add COLORING in certain seasons to make it a yellow color? Meat doesn't need to be washed in ammonia to kill bacteria. Yes, folks, that was in the movie and they showed you WHERE the ammonia washing took place in the factory. The "finished product" was dumped into a box lined with a plastic bag and then sealed for transport. YOU ARE EATING AMMONIA WHEN YOU EAT THE MEAT THAT IS PRODUCED BY THESE COMPANIES. They are doing this to kill e coli o157 h7. Science has shown that if you feed cows GRASS a large percentage of the e coli o157 h7 in their system is WASHED OUT OF THEM. Now, would you prefer a cow that has eaten grass as God designed it OR would you prefer to eat meat that's been bathed in ammonia?

I could go on and on. I'll stop and let you see it for yourself. There are so many documentaries coming out now about our food sources. There is one that covers GMOs and Monsanto's MONOPOLY in this sector AND their abuse of the farmers on this nation. It's sickening when you realize just what food has become in our nation. Ultimately, I refuse to let my family participate in the mass experiment with our food sources. I will be supporting the local farmers with my dollars and feeding my family food that will give them life.


  1. I just got The Future of Food via Netflix. Haven't been able to watch it yet, but I know I'll be even more motivated to be careful of our diet once I watch that. We've had to tighten up the financial belt lately and It's been so difficult to have to compromise. I just wish organic didn't = expensive (esp in the winter when locally grown is no more).