Friday, November 20, 2009

"Kids Will Be Kids" is Folly Lived Out

There is nothing in scripture that says that kids and teenagers have to behave foolishly and uncontrolled. They don't have to be irresponsible. They don't have to be mean to others. There is nothing in there that says "kids will be kids." This is an ungodly response on the part of adults often abdicating their responsibility in raising their children. It's just the opposite. "Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline drives it far from him." (Prov 22:15) The way children often behave and act is called foolishness but a Holy God. It's can't get much clearer than that.

I was reminded of this idea when I was talking with my almost 9 yod son the other day. We had just finished watching a video that was filmed in Haiti by a group working with "Feed My Starving Children." He was so moved to compassion for these starving children that he felt guilty that he had eaten breakfast that morning. I sat him down to talk to him. I didn't know what to say at first. But then I had the idea that there were boys in scripture that God called out early. David was called from being a lowly shepherd to fighting giants. Josiah was called to be king at a young age and he tore down the idols in the land. Even the unnamed boy with the fish and loaves was called to serve Jesus in what seemed like a small thing. But it was huge. Jesus used his contribution to bring the Father glory. These were children. I reminded my son that God calls him to the same things. Then I looked straight at him and reminded him of the last thing Underdog always says to him before he goes to bed. . .Don't Waste Your Life.

Drive your kids to excellence. Don't settle for the norm. Encourage them to not waste their lives. Draw them away from foolishness and when they express it, squelch it. Teach them compassion. Teach them about mercy. Teach them that God loves them and all people. each them to express that. Teach them to die to self that they may glory the Savior. They can do this even now. Children are capable of serving God. They are much more capable than the fluff our world offers them. Why give them Disney when we can give them the God of the universe? Why give them Santa when we can offer them a world that feeds the hungry and clothes those who are cold? Jesus said when we take care of the least of these we take care of Him. Can't chidlren do that too? Why give them empty pursuits through video games and wasted time on the internet when we can offer them adventures through books that lead to dreams of mission work overseas? Children and teens are capable of much more than this world has to offer them. Most importnat, fight for their hearts and lead them to Jesus. He is the only way to truly lead them from foolishness. Give them hope that there is more out there than the emptiness that so many seem to fall prey to. Give them Jesus.

One final thing. Children will run after what is modeled to them. Check your heart. Do you love the Lord enough not to waste your life? If He called you to Africa to serve the hungry, could you give it ALL up and go? Or are the things we've accumulated and are comfortable with more important? If there is one thing children are not fools in it's seeing and knowing hypocrisy. You simply cannot tell a child to love Jesus with all their heart sould mind and strength if you don't. This will either lead to intense confusion, complacency in their hearts, or it will simply lead them away from Jesus in the end. We must be willing to live out a live of obdience and sacrifice to the Lord if this is the direction we desire to see our children go. Don't Waste Your Life and likely your children will not waste theirs.

Don't Waste Your Life

Do Hard Things

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