Monday, April 5, 2010

Feminine Dress - Monday

I was afraid this would happen this week.  I failed to get a picture of the girls.  I thought about this morning but then we were so busy trying to get back into a good school week that I forgot.  So, I'll just have to describe what they were wearing and what they did.

Schmootzy Poo was wearing a yellow dress (her favorite color) with a denim top.  It also had little blue flowers all over it.  She didn't do much with her hair today.  That was my fault for not checking chore cards in which she has one specifically for taking care of her body each morning.  Her activities for the day included doing her school work and laundry.  We do all of our laundry in one day so there is alot of work to do on Monday.  Still, there was time to play.  Now, I think this is where many people lose the idea of the girls wear dresses to play in. It's really quite easy.  Right now her choice of play in the backyard is the trampoline.  It was damaged last spring in what we think was a small tornado or straight-line winds so it's been out of commission for a while.  Dad fixed in a few weeks ago so it's getting much use these days.  And indeed, even the girls in their dresses jump on it.  How?  Very simple. . .you require them to wear either bloomers or shorts under their dresses.  They can jump to their heats content when there is something under their dress to keep them covered.  They can do the same on a bicycle, although I admit they struggle to do it sometimes.  They are still learning where to put their dresses and such when they ride like that.  But the undergarment keeps them modest and feminine at the same time.

JennaBear wasn't much different today.  She was wearing a red floral dress with a denim top.  She did a great deal more school today than Schmoo did so she wasn't outside as much.  She did jump today though.  She forgot her shorts and actually came inside late morning and announced to me that she'd forgotten them.  Her younger brother and sister wanted her to jump so she asked them to wait while she got her shorts on.  Jennabear's love is the kitchen so you will find her there on must days.  Today she was learning how to make pudding. . .for a box.  LOL!!!  We have a recipe for homemade pudding but had no time to make it so I just bought a box this time around.  But she faithful stood at the stove in her dress and stirred the pudding until it was ready.  Normally we put on a apron while we cook but mom forgot and Jennabear doesn't have one that fits.  She and I have a summer project on the sewing machine now.  A new apron.

Pinky Poo did not wear a dress today but daddy dressed her and forgot we were doing our challenge this week.  I didn't want to change her as a means of submitting to daddy and not changing what he helped me out with this morning.

What about mommy?  Well, yes I was wearing a skirt today and (unfortunately) a tighter top than I prefer.  Today was grubbies day so I was wearing something I don't normally wear.  This top is more like a blouse but it's sleeveless.  I don't wear much sleeveless anymore simply because I don't think they are as modest.  If I can find a good tank top to cover then I might.  Not when I am pregnant though.  But I did put on a skirt even though it's really not as comfortable to wear.  Tomorrow I will put on my favorite dress as we have a going away party to attend.

So that was our day.  Hopefully I will get pictures tomorrow.  I want to get some of them in action not just standing their with smiling faces.

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