Sunday, April 4, 2010

Feminine Dress - Sunday

I decide to go ahead and get our post for first day of Challenge done this afternoon.  My children have a passion play planned for tonight so I want to be available for that.  

Today, of course, is Resurrection Day.  I would love to sew more clothes for my girls but the size and age of my family makes my time rather limited right now.  Nonetheless, I do sew our new Easter clothes.  My girls like to match in their clothing so sewing allows us to match and coordinate in this way.  I took a picture of all three girlies.  My 17 mod wears alot of dresses as well.  

This is Schmootzy Poo (7 yod), JennaBear (almost 11 yod), and Pinky Poo (17 mods).  
Pink's dress matches the girls long skirt.  Don't these young girls just look lovely.  

And just to prove that housework can be done joyfully in a skirt or dress I took a picture of JennaBear vacuuming the front room.  We don't normal do this kind of work on Sunday but boredom and set in and she walked into the wrong room to complain about it.  

For the record, mom is wearing a dress behind that camera but I am almost 36 weeks pregnant and really don't want to record what that looks like.  

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