Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just What Exactly Does Seven Kids Look Like?

Ever wonder what 7 kids looks like?  

In order of appearance beginning with the baby and moving clockwise:  

Schmootzy Poo
Pinky Poo
JB or Jennabear

For the record, it took about 9 shots to get this one perfect shot.  The rest of them have several blurs to them where different body parts were moving around.  Here are a few examples as well as a few of just the boys and just the girls.  

Pee-Pooh moving in this one.

I think everyone was told to act surprised.  Schmoo got a bit too much unto the part.  

Here are the boys and girls alone.  

Yes, this is the normally what these 3 Bozos are like.  hehehe!!!

Pink is apparently very tired at this point and Leeli has a good grip on JB's hair.  JB's got her mouth wide open while Schmoo looks rather smug.  How true to life!!!!  

One finally shot.  This was one that I actually asked to be taken.  I NEVER want my picture taken and we have very few pictures of me in them.  But I wanted this one taken of the girlies.

The Underdog Girlies
JB, Pinky Poo, Mrs. Underdog, Little Leeli, and Schmoo

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  1. Those are FANTASTIC! What an awesome family you have!