Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reducing my Paper Usage

I have been looking for ways to reduce the amount of paper we use in the house and cutting our waste down.  I am already there with using cloth diapers.  Pink and Leeli were put back in cloth this morning.  Yea!!!  We're working our way toward have enough cloth napkins to have one per person to use daily.  There are even personal ways I have manged to cut down on my paper product usage.  

 I already own a ton of cleaning cloths and towels for large mess clean up and cleaning day.  The closet that holds all those towel is getting a bit crowded and my kids are chaffing at having to fold them all.  Today I discovered something that I am going to try and trial bases that might actually allow me to cut back even on these cleaning cloths.  It's called Skoy.  

This is the description from the website.  
The SKOY cloth is a fabulous, absorbent, biodegradable and natural multi-use cloth.  Our re-usable earth friendly cloth is perfect in your kitchen, bathroom, and on most surface areas in your home or office.  SKOY cloth can be used in place of your sponge, wash cloth or paper towels. 
Papers towels are the thing on my list right now that I just hate buying but don't know how to replace.  The testimonials on the website give such glowing reviews that I just had to try this.  If it works, it will just be one more paper item I don't have to purchase anymore.  Not only will I keep the paper out of the dump but I will save money in the long run.  A subscription to receive 8 Skoy clothes cost $13.95 with free shipping.  I spend more on that for paper towels in a month.  I'll post more on it later after I have tried these for a period of time.  

Now, I wonder if there is a way to replace toilet paper.  Um, personally, that is the one paper product I do intend to replace.  But with all the savings I am doing on other paper products, I may be able to afford the more environmentally (and bodily) friendly toilet paper in the long run.

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  1. I just hosted a giveaway for these! They are wonderful and one cloth replace 15 rolls of paper towels! They are incredible!