Friday, June 11, 2010

Defending Those Who Cannot Defend Themselves

I felt compelled to write his afternoon about a growing awareness I have in his world.  This awareness is of the number of women and girls abused around the world and the manner in which they are abused.  It is sickening to hear of girls as young as my two oldest girls being sold into trafficking, sometimes by their own fathers, at other times after having been kidnapped.

I must be honest here and mention that for quite a while I have avoided really thinking about it.  Just the images of my girls being used and abused in this way makes me cringe and want to avoid it.  But I just don't believe I can avoid it any longer.

Two weeks before Leeli arrived, Underdog and I got to have a weekend to ourselves.  I remember Underdog and I talking a bit about our finances and how we wanted to use our money.  We have both felt a movement of the Spirit to give our money in ways that have Kingdom meaning.  He asked me during this time if I had any ministries to which I wanted to give.  At the time I simply told him that what was on his heart was on my heart, and I meant it.  As his wife and helpmeet, it is my job to stand behind him and support that which he is involved in.  I think I am going to change my answer and I think he will agree.

Recently, Carolyn McCulley posted on her blog Radical Womanhood an interview she did with Hannah Farver of Lies Young Women Believe.  This post needs to be read as well as the one at Lies Young Women Believe (it contains the full interview.)  Carolyn discusses the view of social justice from a Christian perspective and it needs to be heard.

I am going to get personal here.  Christ's message in this world was a very radical one in nature.  And His call to Christian was radical as well.  American Christians live way too comfortably.  I think we've come a point of always feeling that God is obligated to give me certain aspect of the American Dream.  If that doesn't happen then feel we are somehow missing out, suffering, or a times being persecuted, depending of the circumstances.  There is no guarantee for Christians to have an easy life and there is NOTHING in scripture that dictates the American Dream.  Do we expect it though?  Have we bought this lie so much that we relegate our giving to only our simple little tithe on a Sunday morning?  We give just enough to not be in need ourselves.  Do we give more to our retirement fund than we do to Kingdom purposes?  It's hard to thinking about but it must be said.

John Piper wrote a book a couple of years ago called Don't Waste Your Life.  I was challenged by that book.  I need to read it again. In this book he challenges the notions of the American Dream.  Fran Chan, as well, in his book Forgotten God and Crazy Love has points where he challenge the Christian to give above and beyond what might be comfortable.

My 11 yod has a passion for India.  It came from her repeated reading of YWAM biography about Amy Carmichael.  She was a woman who did not waste her life.  She spent most of her life saving the children of India, including the young temple prostitutes of that time, and caring for them.  She followed a radical God and her life reflected it.

It is my plan to begin investigating ways that she and I ca invest in the lives of these girls and defend these 100 Million girls.  Will you join us?  Will you pray with us for ways we con impact lives?  Will you consider how your life can reflect the radical nature of Christ's message to the church and join with Him to save those He loves so dearly?


  1. I just finished Radical by a local pastor David Platt. Great book.

  2. Underdog said that sermon series was very good. I think he's planning to get the book soon.