Thursday, September 30, 2010

Safe Eyes Internet Safety Filter

I am going to write a review about the book where I found this filter.  In the meantime, after reading one of the chapters and making a big deal about keeping your daughter's heart, I wanted to recommend this internet filter as well.  The book is called Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl by Dannah Gresh.  I highly recommend this book to all moms with tween girls and those that are almost there.   Even if you don't agree with everything that Dannah talks about, you will still glean wisdom from her words.  Again, I will be writing a more thorough review of it in the weeks to come but I think it's necessary to get the words about getting a filter on your computer.  My kids are not allowed on the computer for anything but typing practice and possible school research they may have.  But even looking for pictures on the web for projects was becoming very scary and it was just ME looking for them.  That is why I finally decided to get the filter.  Oh, and there is a coupon code to get it at 20% off.  Here is the link to the code:


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  2. Oh and by the way, what you wrote about is absolutely right as well. As a web developer I'm constantly having to round up images for the different sites that I run.

    The internet is a scary place and we should always monitor what are kids are doing online.