Friday, November 15, 2013

The Unexpected Adventure

I was hoping to have my new blog up and running by now but it hasn't worked out. Until I have it ready I am going to blog here. I also know that pictures make a blog more interesting. Ha. That ain't happened right now. Until it does, you will have to simply enjoy my silly words. 

When Underdog and I made the decision to move to Georgia we thought it would be an adventure. We've played it pretty safe in our marriage starting with deciding to live near family because neither one of us had jobs when we were first married. While we loved living near my family there was always a part of us that desired to venture out. We particularly wanted to live in a place where you don't melt when you go outside nine months out of the year. We wanted nature that was green and tall, not short, stubby and brown. When God dropped the Atlanta opportunity in our lap, we took it. 

The process had been pretty straight forward. We got our house ready to sell. We went to Georgia to find a house and ours sold while we were there. That house failed inspection so we went back. We learned to live off less than we normally would, which was very cool. (Although the homeschool mom in me was starting to panic because my supplies were in boxes.)  The new house passed inspection and we worked on the list of repairs for our buyers.  We packed the house and adjusted to life disrupted. We played with friends and said our good-byes. 

The adventure began before we left though. We were supposed to close on the TX house the Friday before we left TX. As of this posting, that was a week ago today. Our realtor told us to go ahead and leave Monday since it wasn't ready. We did. We hoped Tuesday would produce paperwork. Nothing. Wednesday rolled around. This was the day for our closing in Georgia. The problem is that our down payment in the new house is wrapped up in our closing from TX. Nothing happened and we heard little. Thursday we drove to the city where our closing was to take place. We were hopeful. We waited. And waited. And waited. Finally we had to accept that we would not be in our new house that day and we booked another cheap hotel. The only consolation to this hotel is that they were able to give us adjoining rooms. The other rooms we've stayed in left me with girls and dad with boys. I love that set up until bedtime. Have you ever tried to convince a 3yod she has to lay down to sleep when everyone appears to be up?  She sees everyone playing when we are really reading making ourselves sleepy. Not to mention the little feet in the back while you sleep. Last night I finally got to sleep with someone that sleeps straight in the bed. 

So today finds us still homeless, wandering in a strange city wondering what in the world God's purpose is for this adventure. Why did He begin it this way?  My heart wants to be OK with all this. I want to trust Him with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. I want to know that He is Sovereign and always in control. I want my responses to reflect a woman who is trusting her Savior with His perfect timing and His perfect love. I am fighting the temptation to think He doesn't love me or somehow I've made the wrong decision because things are not going well. God's love never fails and especially strong in these moments. 

For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations. Psalm 100:5

This was one of the verses in my YouVersion bible reading plan today. Could that be more perfect?  He is faithful. He is steadfast in His love. It doesn't matter the situation.  The LORD is good!!!!!!

I am writing this is the play place of a McDonalds. I am listening to my children run around and play together. Although they are frustrated with all this, they have been surprisingly flexible in this whole process. The dog and the mouse are a little worse for wear but they are surviving. I am begging Underdog to take me to a Chipotle for lunch so I feel like I am eating some what eating fresh. And I am trusting God for the phone call that's is all ready. He is my hope. Not because I will eventually get to move into my house. He is my hope because He looked upon my sorry human state and rescued me. That should be enough. I am asking Him to work in me for HIM to be enough. 

I decided to add a picture. 


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