Monday, August 11, 2014

Living by Daily Grace

I have no idea what this picture is.  I took it at the Tennessee Aquarium.  I just thought it was pretty.  

I have been thinking for a long time about starting a new blog.  I have all sorts of names picked out for it.  I even have a couple already named and waiting for me to blog on them.

Recently I've found myself participating in a couple of Facebook pages for specific groups.  Since I started using My Father's World again for kindergarten and 1st grade, I thought I might get some good ideas from the ladies on there on how to make it a bit more fun for my littles using it.  What I discovered in that I am one of the older ladies of the group.  I have had opportunities to encourages these sweet ladies and at times, offer meager advice to help them as they adjust to their new role as homeschool mom.  I say meager because it is.  It's been interesting watching them make their comments and ask their questions.  It reminds so much of when I was at that stage with my children.  I had 4 children at time.  I had been planning to homeschool for a really long time and I was so excited about starting.  I don't remember much about those years.  I remember being terribly lost and feeling like a total failure.  I don't feel so much like that anymore but I have my moments.

But the opportunities to encourage these ladies has reminded me of how much I used to long to be a Titus 2 older woman to younger moms.  I was so hungry for a strong Christian lady to mentor me as a young mom.  Since I really didn't have that, I foolishly thought that I needed to step into that role.  Boy, was I stupid.  I had no clue what I was doing.  What made me think I could help anybody?

Life over the past couple of years has brought some changes for our family.  In the process, I think I have matured. . .a lot.  It's a little weird to me.  There are things I am doing and saying to my children and then I think to myself "where did that come from?"  Only the grace of God could be helping me mother like I am right now.  I have a strange confidence.  But more so, I have a growing desire to teach women.  Not just to encourage and not just younger woman.  The maturing that has taken place in me is coming from a deeper seeking and deeper understanding of God's Word.  My understanding and application of grace in my life has led me to see just how absent the understanding of grace is in so many around.  I guess my desire is to try to teach woman what I have learned and what I have come to love about my Savior, mainly that He really does love me.  I can screw up as much as I want and I am not condemn.  Hear that?  There is no condemnation.  (Romans 8:1)  Jesus really did pay it all.

So, back to my blog.  I think it's time.  I think it's time for me to pick it back up.  I do yet have a niche.  I have no clue where I'll take this.  I'm praying about it quite a bit right now.  What I do know for certain, I don't need to change the name though.  Because I really am truly living by daily grace.  It just seems to fit me now. Maybe that's why blogging felt so awkward to me for so long.  I wasn't really living what my blog said about me.  I think now it is.  So, hopefully, you'll be seeing more of me around.

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