Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A New Name

I have been working to find new web names for my children that will fit their personality and be easy to type out while I am blogging. I will begin with pup #5 because it came so fast to me this evening.

Pup #5 is all boy plus some. He's a sweet little guy that loves fire trucks and all sounds they make. He can hear them from a mile away. He reminds me of a dog sometimes that can hear sounds we can't. Since I am nearly deaf (or so it seems) He will often say something about the fire truck before I even know it's there. And he will usually give me the sound so that I know what he's talking about.

He's a smart little boy. He loves music. He can finish just about any song that is regularly played off Underdog's iPod. If he likes a sound and you change it he will throw a temper tantrum which is usually met with switch discipline (not in my household.) He insists, however, that is the only way to express himself right now. He'll learn.

This little boy is a natural athlete. He has asked to go in the backyard by himself when I am in the kitchen while the bigs are ride bicycles. Often I will catch him on the porch shooting baskets with his Little Tykes $5 consignment sale basketball hoop that I brought home last fall. Dad bought him a basketball just his size. I am dreading what happens when T-ball starts for #4 in a few weeks because #5 will do doubt want to be doing everything #4 does. He loves balls and he loves #4 (despite the constant beating up that seems to take place between them.) They will be best friends one of these days.

Recently, #5 has turned into a jokester. He loves to be funny and get laughs out of the people. He knows exactly what to do to make me laugh. And it is this very thing that has inspired his web name to be. . . .Hot Dog. Yes, that is right. Pup #5 is now officially Hot Dog. While wheeling around a grocery store one morning I asked #5 what his name was. "Hot Dog", he said. And it's not just matter of fact. He puts emphasis in it by saying it quickly. It's makes me laugh every time. In fact, he's been sick with a tummy bug since Saturday. I knew he was getting back to normal tonight when I asked him what his name was . . . . "Hot Dog". That's my boy!!! Glad to have you back.

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