Monday, May 25, 2009

Tea Time

What happens when 4 boys/men leave 4 ladies by themselves? Tea Time!!!! We had 2 cupcakes and 2 cookies left over after My Little Lady's Party this weekend. So we pulled out our new tea cups (which we got to use this weekend at the party) and made ourselves some yummy zinger teas. I ate a cupcake with mint green frosting. The girls ate an oatmeal cookie and half of a cupcake.

While we drank our tea and enjoyed our leftover desserts, we read a few pages of the spring edition of The Girlhood Home Companion.

What a lovely little magazine this has turned out to be for us. Little Lady is just now starting to read it. I just love looking at the bright photos. While this is written so that young girls can enjoy, I find such encouragement as a wife and mother. In this particular issue there is a small section dedicated to Beatrix Potter as a naturalist and an artist. This has been especially inspiring to me as I journey with the Lord to venture outside the "school" box and making education something completely centered on Him. But that is for another blog. We have just enjoyed reading some of the quotes by Beatrix Potter and are growing more excited to be out at the Heard Museum to walk the trails and sketch the landscape and wildlife.

One of the most exciting moments we had in our brief tea party was when I remembered something I bought for Pinky Pooh over a year ago when I found out we were having a girl. I found a package with a cloth tea set (made by the Pottery Barn, I believe.) I was going to put Pinky Pooh down with her noisy computer but them I remember this little set. I immediately ran to get it. It was such a hit for all of us. Why? Well, several weeks ago I read a blog about simplifying toys. This blog led me to another article that was even more convicting (to find this article, scroll down to the bottom of the blog and she has a download called "The Issue of Toys, Children & Materialism".) I have wanted to simplify toys and bring in more natural toys for a long time. I finally found the courage to do so and purged so many of our plastic and noisy toys. So when I remembered that I had this lovely little cloth tea set I ran to get it. She was overjoyed. Here is a picture of Pinky Poo with part of her tea set right after I gave it to her.

(I love her crinkled nose. That is new. She was hold one of the
little plates and using her new fold skill of clapping
her hands together. )

This next picture is of all three girls enjoying their tea.

The girls wanted a picture of mom but I wouldn't let them. I think I need to start breaking out and letting them do more of that.

We have spent the better part of our day in the craftroom. I am working to finish an apron I cut out for Schmoosty Pooh in January 2008!!!! Little Lady is working on "thank you" notes after her party on Saturday. And Schmoo is working on anything crafty that will hold her attention. We been trying to complete The Laundry Game as well (which you can see piled up on the love seat behind the girls in the picture above.) This has been such a great Memorial Day. We decided against going out and doing anything "special." As a family we decided to be home and get some things done around the house. The days isn't over so I suppose to should go be a home keeper. But this blog was too good to pass up.

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  1. I think it's so funny that we both read that article on toys. I know my little one is just a few months old, but we have already brought on this idea and really think it will be best for our family. I'm again so grateful to have someone else I can share these ideas on parenting with. Thanks for you blog!