Thursday, October 1, 2009

New With This Baby

I am discovering so nice new pregnancy symptoms that I have NEVER had before. One of them is actual food aversions. Now I have always had one food aversion but it was simply smell. I can't stand the smell of raw sea food and that was always doubled in pregnancy. It took walking through a sea food department with one baby to realize I probably needed a pregnancy test. This time it's no different. But I found something else last night.

My older children LOVE my Chicken Tortilla soup. I don't follow a recipe except the one that I finally wrote down last winter. But this time I just threw it together like I normally do. I was about half way through with making the soup last night and thought I was completely going to lose my stomach. It took me 2 mints, a glass of OJ, and finally a nectarine to keep me from the bathroom. Underdog had to come in and help me finish the meal. I thought it was a fluke. But tonight, Underdog added a few extras to the soup and started it simmering. I am sitting on the couch doing research for health breakfasts and my tummy is really churning over the smell of the soup.

What gives? Mexican food is usually my food craving of choice. Tortillas soup would be one on the top of my list. Not this time. I think I'll be finding something else to eat tonight.

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