Saturday, October 31, 2009

Using No Shampoo

I hae blogged before after my ventures into using no-poo (which is so weird to say.) After my most recent experiences I am sold for life.

Due to my recent bedrest, I am not always able to make it downstairs to make my soda water (which I'll discuss in a moment) so I decided just to go back to using regular shampoo. After months of using baking soda and lemon juice to clean my hair, the shampoo just didn't make the cut anymore. My hair got greasy after about a day. It just felt heavy on my hair. There even seemed to be a film on my hair. It takes about 3 days for my hair to feel oily with the baking soda. Even that oily is only around my hair line and my scalp. Oh, and let's not forget the itching. I remember when I first switched to baking soda that my scalp itched like crazy. After about 3 weeks my head stopped itching. But when I started using shampoo again, my head itched all day. I only used the shampoo TWICE in a week.

Here is my regimen for washing my hair:

1. First of all, I must make the soda water. Here is how I do that:

a. Boil water in the tea kettle.
b. Put 1/2-1 cup of baking soda in a 2 quart size canning jar.
c. Once the water is boiling, I slowly pour the water in the jar. (This will create
a fun chemical reaction. Pour slowly!!!)
d. Allow to cool down.
e. It's ready for use warm or cold.

2. After the soda water is made I move it to my bathroom. I pour about 1/3 of the mixture in a large cup and add warm water from my shower to the mixture. This warms it up for head if it's needed and makes for more water for my thick hair.

3. I wet my hair thoroughly. After it's wet I pout about 1/3 of the cup of water on my scalp. Then I massage the soda water into my scalp to clean it and the hair in the roots

4. After I have massaged the scalp, I pour the rest of the misture through my hair. I run my fingers through a bit to make sure it's saturated all my hair.

5. Rinse!!

That's it. Now, I have long hair and really don't like brushing my hair out with major tangles. Who does? So I started using a lemon juice rinse to help with tangles. I never needed the rinse when I was using shampoo but now I know why.

Here is how I use the lemon juice rinse:

1. Pour 1 -2 T. of lemon juice from concentrate into the large cup of water. Fill the cup up with the water from the shower.

2. I pour the lemon rinse though my hair until it's saturated.

3. Rinse!!!

You don't have to use lemon juice to make this work. I read somewhere that lemon juice is better for those with blonde hair and vinegar (apple cider) is better for darker hair. I have dark blonde hair. The lemon juice worked much better for my hair then the vinegar. The smelled bothered me as well but I have read on other blogs that the user isn't bothered by it. My girls use the lemon as well and it helps alot with geting tangles out of their hair. My mom told me earlier this summer that she used to use the lemon juice rinse on my hair when I was a little girl. I don't remember that though.

This is such a worthwhile change to investigate for yourself. If anything, it keeps you away from the harmful chemicals that is found is regular shampoo and keeps your from having to spend too much on organic shampoos that are healthier. This is a natural, inexpensive way to get get beautiful and very clean hair. It seems so weird and strange.

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