Monday, October 12, 2009

What is He doing?

We have had a day. I woke up this morning about 5:30am with my alarm. My alarm woke up Pinky Poo so I nursed her and debated getting up to do my quiet time. I hadn't been up in a while but I have been so tired lately I felt like I needed the sleep. We had shopping to do today so I decided to get up and pray for a while. When I got downstairs I started the oatmeal in the crockpot. I wasn't feeling so well but I thought it was because I was hungry. I ate some toast and started my Bible study.

By 6:45am I was ready for my day. I got upstairs before everyone was awake (which was really good for me) and started my bath. Si-bay came in to help me put my "bubbles" in the bath. The "bubbles" is a special Vit C disk formulated to help clean out some of the impurities in the bath water. :) Once I finished my bath I got dressed. I still wasn't feeling so hot though. I was kind of crampy but thought it was intestinal (I had alot of meat this weekend and we were running low on veggies so I figured I was just slow in there.) We all went down to get breakfast and discovered that the breakfast maker hadn't put enough oatmeal in there for the amount of water. Breakfast was, well, ruined and there was nothing else. It's shopping day, remember. Underdog suggested that we just grab something on the way to shop.

We left soon after that and headed to get gas. I started to noticed some weird cramping but again I thought it was just something with my bowels. I finished the gas and headed for Chick fil A (everyone choice for breakfast.) I couldn't decided whether I should go through the drive through or go in without one hacking up a lung (I think I forgot to mention that we're fighting pertussis in our house.) I decided to go in and told everyone to get out. As soon as I got out of the car I felt like my bladder exploded. But I knew it wasn't my bladder. I paused and quickly got back in the car and told everyone to get back in. The kids were freaking out. I had to be honest and tell them I was bleeding badly, which I confirmed after getting back in the car and seeing it rolling down my leg (ewwww!!!) We left immediately for home.

I called my midwife and she gave me instructions to go home, put on a pad, and lie down. Done!!! I called Underdog to let him know what was going on. He was ready when we got home and took over with the kids. This is a busy week for him so I knew this would not be something he'd be happy about on many fronts. I got everything squared away and tried to remember if I was supposed to call my midwife or if she would call me. She eventually called me. This was 30 minutes after returning home. She gave me instruction to have Underdog go pick up some herbs that will help stop a miscarriage if there is still a baby or help the process along if there wasn't. I was trying to get him to come to the room when I heard him exclaim, "AHHHHHHH" downstairs. Next thing I know he's shouting orders to everyone and there is mass hysteria. Apparently the bathtub and toilet in our downstairs bathroom were flooded and there was 2 inches of water on the floor. What next?

I called a precious friend of mine and asked if she might be able to help me get the herbs that I needed while I put the kids in charge of helping dad and keeping track of Pinky-Poo. She was glad to serve and did a wonderful serve to my family. Oh, speaking of Pinky-Poo, this is the by far the worst day. My midwife has told me no more nursing right now. I have cried more over the cold turkey weaning of my little girl than the potential loss of this pregnancy. Perhaps it's because I know her. She's part of me right now. I literally meet her every need. Now, I have lost that. If I lose this baby as well, it will almost seem as if I have lost two babies. I am already grieving my loss of nursing with her. I will then begin to grieve the loss of my unborn baby.

We figured out the plumbing problem. It cost alot of money to unclog a pipe that we found out had a stake driven through it when they were planting our trees before we ever moved into our home. God's is Sovereign. He knew that stake would go through and He knew the events of this day long before we ever did. He's still in control. The plumber offered to did up the pipe and replace it for us but it was going to cost of $650 to do so. I am thinking this is a do-it-yourself project.

So with that fixed and Underdog finally getting a small bit of his barings, I reminded him that we still had no food in the house. He gracious packed up 3 boys and a baby girl and headed out. He first took baby girl to Stride Rite to get her first pair of shoes with our 20% discount coupon I found online last night. They are precious. It's the only time in our children's live I will buy a brand name shoe. I feel that little feet need a good start. . then they can move to cheap shoes. LOL!!!! He brought her home and headed out again. He got to Costco and faithful did all the shopping. He even called to verify certain items and such. Then he called again and told me that things couldn't possibility get any worse. I was puzzled. Then he explained that the transfer he made from our living expenses account (this was Friday) didn't go through and today is Columbus Day. . .no banks are open. We had insufficient funds in that bank. <> What next?

He's home. Great friends bought us dinner. We're having bar-b-q chicken and something else. I am so thankful for friends that help and reach out to us.

I haven't told my family what is going on yet. I am reluctant to. This baby wasn't exactly welcomed by some. I really don't want an earfull about how I can't take care of my family on bedrest and all that other jazz. It will only cause worry in some people as well. They say they will pray. I don't feel that I can ask them for help. We've always told them that we don't expect them to help as our families grows. It's sad really that we've come to rely more on faithful friends than on family. But that is the reality. I figure my dad can probably help Underdog dig up and replace the pipe under the yard, if Underdog wants it. I have full confidence that he can do anything he needs to do to take care of this house though. He's that good. :)

Only God knows what tomorrow will bring. I am resting in that.

You keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.
Trust in the Lord forever,
for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.
Isaiah 26:3-4

I am resting in his Word right now. It's my time to lean on Him and trust Him where I have no control.

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